Lottery Winners Who Made A Difference With Their Newfound Money Power

Posted on: 22nd June 2014

Many people who win a lottery start living their lives king size. With the new infusion of money their standard of living changes and they buy new house, new cars, travel first class and so on. Among all these people, there are a few who think differently when they won the lottery. They decided to make a difference in the lives of people less fortunate.

  1. Allen and Violet Large – in 2010 this Canadian couple won a lottery of $11.2 million. When they won, Violet was undergoing treatment for cancer. They decided to give away the money to whomever they found in need, which included family, friends, churches, hospitals, the Red Cross, local fire department, the Salvation Army among others. When asked to justify their generosity, they replied with a simple, “What you never had, you never miss. The money was nothing. We have each other.” Their winnings bought a smile on many faces and tons of blessings.
  1. Allen and Violet LargeBaltimore Pastor Was Pleasantly Surprised – in 2011 a priest in Baltimore received an unusual gift – a well worn-out lottery ticket. Puzzled the priest looked it up and confirmed what his gut feeling was telling him all along – the ticket won the jackpot. Some anonymous benefactor – who was never identified – offered the humble gift to this priest after finding out that the ticket has won the jackpot.
  1. Jim Dancy’s $10,000 winnings – this is definitely not a jackpot or even close to that. Comparatively it is quite small; however, what he did with the money was definitely not small. He decided to donate the entire amount to the Kalamazoo United Way – an organization engaged in social work. This was an exceptional act of generosity that has helped many; and what is important is that it showed that kindness can come from surprising sources.
  1. Sheelah Ryan – Sheelah won $55 million in 1988 and started the Ryan Foundation with the money. There was no fanfare, no change in living style, no extravagant indulgences – just the setting up of this foundation and a very low personal profile post the winnings. The foundation was set up to help single mothers and it has since done a lot to give a helping hand where needed from paying bills and outstanding rent of single mothers to even supporting low-cost housing projects. When asked to comment, she humbly stated that she was grateful that God has given her the power to be of help to other. There could be no better way to spend the money.

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