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Posted on: 31st July 2013

In Australia, there will always be people with an iPhone on the street. This gadget has become a normal part of society and having it is not a luxury anymore but already a necessity. However, it does not mean that an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4 Australia can be bought cheaply. iPhones are still way more expensive compared to other mobile phones. As a result, when someone wants to get one, that person has to look for the best iPhone deals first.

For people who are looking for the best iPhone deals Australia, all they need to do is browse the Internet and look for online retailers that are offering promos and great deals on smartphones and iPhones. There are many sites where they can find good offers and they can compare prices and plans through them. For instance, they can check these iPhone 5 deals from four companies on iPhone Australia:

Best iPhone DealsVodafone and Optus

Vodafone and Optus are both offering a $180 plan value. Customers pay a $30 monthly plan plus an additional $18 mobile coverage with data of 200 MB which equals to a total price of $48 each month. This plan is offered with a 24-month duration.

Virgin Mobile

Meanwhile, Virgin Mobile has a $250 plan value that can also be accomplished in 24 months. Their monthly plan costs $29 with a mobile data price of $18. The advantage comes with its $47 total cost per month and 250 MB data.


Telstra sells an iPhone 5 with 1 GB data at a $600 plan value. Overall, customers pay $67 each month. The monthly plan costs $60 while the mobile data plan is just $7. This can also be completed in 24 months.

There are more iPhone deals that can be found at different stores and sites. It is not that difficult to look for a cheap iPhone as long as the customer knows how to find mobile phone deals Australia. They can also look for reviews on different gadget brands on sites like Competition Crazy to see which iPhone plans are worth buying. With this information, customers are assured to get good iPhone deals at the lowest price.

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