List Of the Best Anti Thief And Lost Tracking Apps For Smart Phones

Posted on: 26th August 2013

If you smartphone has either been stolen or misplaced, you don't have to worry any longer. Here are a few useful Smartphones Apps that will help you track down your missing Android or iPhone

The first useful app to have on your smartphone is the "Where's my Droid?" app. Ths app is a must-have for your iOs apps and Android apps collection. If your phone is missing, you will receive a code directly from your phone that will make your phone ring, even if your phone is on silent mode. You can even control your phone with this app by having it connected to your commander option, which will help you track your phone even faster.

Smarth Phone Tracking AppsAnother anti-theft tracking app you should install on your smartphone is "Plan B". With the Plan B app, you can easily locate your phone by tracking your cell towers and GPS directly to your Gmail inbox. This app will also update the location of your phone every 10 minutes.

The SeeKDroid Lite app not only helps you track down your phone, but it also comes with many other features, including a lock and wipe feature, SMS activation, ring alert for silent mode, as well as call details from a recent call made to your phone. The be feature in this particular app is that it can work without a Sim card.

While there are many Anti-thief apps for your phone, the AntiDroidtheft app locates your device with a GPS, as well as automatically tracks down any recent changes made to your Sim card.

Before your phone gets lost or stolen, it is best to install the Prey Anti theft app. You will need to activate the Prey SMS feature by typing in "GO PREY". After this is activated, you will need to go into the control panel and mark your lost phone as missing. Once this happens, you should begin receiving the SMS with the location of your Android device immediately.

Lastly, if you want to keep it simple, the "Find My Phone" app lets you track down your phone just by typing in "findme" and this will help you find the exact location of your smartphone in no time!

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