List Of Biggest Lottery In The World You Might Have Won

Posted on: 29th August 2013

Playing the lottery is one of the most fun, exciting, and luck laden games a person could play. Everyone loves to buy a ticket when the jackpot soars and across the world jackpots are doing just that, soaring. All time highs, even in economically challenged countries,are reaching peak levels and people are rushing to get in on the excitement.

Biggest Lottery WinnersSome of the biggest lottery prizes that could have been won is staggering. Jackpots hit an all time high when Spain's Spanish Christmas Lotto hit $941.8 Million (USD). That would have been quite the Christmas present to receive! In America as well, jackpots are reaching all time highs, with special emphasis on PowerBall, which has recently reached the staggering amount of $425 million. As prize amounts continue to grow and economic times get harder more and more people find the draw of the lottery to be almost irristible.

So, with mind blowing jackpots and ever increasing numbers of players what are some ways you can better your chance of winning? Well, that's an excellent question. There are several theories ranging from religious practices to high level math, however, a more middle of the road approach may yield the best results? For one, it is a good idea to know your math. Even the biggest games are those of probability. Get familiar with your game of choice and work out the odds. At the very least you can narrow down your chances. Second, pick your own numbers, research them and their success, and stick with them. Even if your numbers don't come up at first, probability is they will eventually if you keep playing them. Also, look for progressive payout jackpots. These help increase the amount of money a player actually receives. They are usually heavily steeped in rules though so make sure you understand those before you start playing.

The biggest lottery prizes in the world, from Spain Christmas Lotto to America's PowerBall, are up for grabs. By playing smart and doing a little research you can increase your chances of making your dreams come true.

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