Learn the Difference Between Android Ice Cream Sandwhich and Jelly Bean

Posted on: 27th August 2013

Google launched the Android operating system in 2007. It is Linux based and designed for touch screen smartphones. At present, mobile device users using these operating systems have reached 80% of the total market share. iOS users have declined significantly allowing its biggest competitor to take over. However, most mobile device users are not familiar with the differences between these two operating systems.

Ice Cream Sandwich was released in 2011. It was then compatible with 2.3X. There were several versions of the operating system, the 4.0, the 4.0.3, and the 4.04. There are several features on this version that are not available on the previous versions notably Gingerbread. One of the most notable is the presence of the virtual button, replacing the physical button. The widgets in this version are now separated from the apps. Users also find it easier to create new folders. A drag and drop style was also available with this release. From the lock screen, it is now possible for users to access them directly. One of the best features of the version is that it is now possible to shut down apps that are running in the background. When it comes to pictures, this version, unlike the previous one, has built in photo editor. It also supports flash players.

Jelly Bean or 4.1 was released in 2012. It has several versions, the 4.0, 4.2 and 4.3. The latest version, the 4.3, was received well by smartphone users. This release improves the already outstanding version from the 2011 release. One of its most important features is the Vsync timing. It also runs smoother with the new triple buffering. Text is now bi directional and supports other languages. Widgets and shortcuts are customizable and can be rearranged and resized. It is capable of voice dictation and voice search is improved. Other improvements include the camera app, audio, Bluetooth, resolution, and application controls. There are also security enhancements.

Google Android now runs most of the smartphones we have today. Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean are the most recent updates of the operating system. The latest version provides improved functionality and customization.

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