Knowing The Rules Is Half The Fun Of Running A Contest

Posted on: 3rd December 2012

Contest RulesRunning an online promotion can be fun and profitable, especially if the contest takes off. However, any time that you involve money you involve laws. Making it interesting is that Australia is not as united as it may appear, with every state having its own rules regarding online contests.

Most states in Australia have few rules for online contests. One of the bigger issues is whether or not the game is chance or skill; if the contestant's chances of winning a prize is determined solely by skill, such as trivial knowledge, drawing something, or even counting objects, then it is a game of skill. Games of chance, however, are fiercely watched; these are lotteries, drawing, and even sometimes games of skill where the winner is determined randomly in case of tie. As long as you know which game you are running, it is easier to determine what kind of permit is required. Also keep in mind that the necessity and price of a permit are determined by the location of the company running the contest.

Queensland and Tasmania require no permits regardless of the type of game or reward. Contests from Western Australia require no permits as long as the entry is free for contestants. If the value of the prize is over $5000 AUD then a permit is required in Victoria, Northern Territory, and South Australia; in South Astralia, contests of skill require no permit. New South Wales requires permits for all games of chance, but not for games of skill. ACT requires permits for all online promotions, but the price is determined by the prize. Be advised that this is extremely basic information; for more information on all regional permits, check out the appropriate local site on gaming.

In short there are a number of different rules to be aware of when it comes to running an online competition, and it is thus incumbent upon the person running the contest to make sure that they are following the rules. Nonetheless, it can be fun and profitable to run a competition, as well as get you the promotion you are looking for.

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