Kitchen Organisation 101

Posted on: 9th December 2013

The kitchen is the heart of the home because of all the eating, cooking, bonding, entertaining, and socializing that happens here. It is essential to keep it in tiptop condition not only to save you time in food preparation and serving but also to maintain its cosy and welcoming atmosphere for your family and guests.

Take a look at some easy and practical tips to maintain an organised kitchen:


Keep it functional at all times – meaning, you should always see to it that it serves its ultimate purpose: food preparation. Oftentimes, it is filled up with all stuff that should not be there in the first place. Commit to keeping it clear so that it makes it easy for you to do all the cooking here. It is ok to leave necessary items here that you use on a daily basis such as can opener, chopping board, coffee maker, etc. but for the rest of the kitchen utensils and appliance – they all belong to the drawers and cabinets.


It is so annoying to find the side shelf of the fridge filled to the brim with a dozen condiments, half of which have never been used or have already expired. Make an effort to customise small glass jars for your family’s can’t-live-without items and assign a permanent shelf for it. As for your liquids, throw away original containers of your milk, juice, and water and put them into labelled glass containers instead. Just a caveat: your family would always want to open the fridge because it looks so attractive and tasteful!Kitchen Organisation 101

Drawers and Cabinets

Speaking of which, we are all guilty of the clutter that hides within/behind these kitchen storage spaces. To save time and effort, make sure that items you use most frequently are on the front liners. Expandable and modular organizers are your best mates because you can keep each item of the same kind neatly separated. You can also group kitchen utensils by occasion so that when it’s time for that backyard barbeque party with the neighbours, retrieving won’t be such a gruelling hunt.


To maximise space, divide your pantry in zones to minimise wasted time looking for canned goods or baking ingredients all mixed up together. Identify the food and cooking categories customised for your family’s need and lifestyle before you designate an area for each. For example, morning meals should be in easy access spots. Make sure dry ingredients are in clear, airtight containers while having stair-step shelves makes it easy to identify items in the back row. And if you don’t want to forget expiration dates, stick to this simple rule: last thing in, first thing out.

These are just some kitchen tips, time savers and quick organizing ideas that you should follow to make your kitchen life a slice of heaven on earth.

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