Julie Shearman on Winning a Watch and Getting Healthy

Posted on: 1st October 2014

$15k Crazy Cash - May Draw - Nike Fitness Watch by SheSaid (Australia)

  • Open date: 21/04/2014 17:00
  • Close date: 26/05/2014 17:00
  • Draw date: 27/05/2014 17:00

Winner 1st Prize: Julie Shearman in QLD

Winning competitions are not just about winning stuff, getting valuable things for free, using it, converting it to cash or just showing them off - it can also be a life changing experience as well, if you are willing take advantage of the opportunity it may bring that can benefit yourself and your family.

Winner of Nike Fitness Watch by SheSaidCongratulations! Julie Shearman of QLD won the 1st prize of the May monthly draw for the $15k Crazy Cash competition by SheSaid Australia.

She won a wonderful Nike Fitness Watch worth $179. It could actually be worth more to her than its price. Nike Fitness Watches can track distance and calories, and can create workout reminders, set goals and allow her to share her personal best with friends. A simple tap on the screen can mark her progress and allow her to personalize data she wants to see during a run. Even better, the watch can be plugged directly to a USB port on a computer for faster downloading, monitoring of progress, and sharing with friends.

Julie is very delighted to have won this Nike Fitness Watch, and she can really put it into good use as she has finally got a good reason to seriously start getting a good work out, exercise, jogging, or running. Or just having a good long walk to relax and spend more time outdoors and begin to live a healthier lifestyle.

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