Joining Online Comedy Writing Competitions

Posted on: 9th July 2014

Do you think you have built up enough materials to join a comedy writing competition? Is it filled with funny, fresh and witty lines that can bring out bursts of laughter from anyone that reads or listens to it? Then you should try testing your material by joining online comedy writing competitions.

You might think joining online comedy writing competitions is exciting and fun, but before you send your entry make sure you read, understand and know the requirements especially the rules and guidelines to prevent disqualifications. This will help you get some idea of what the organizers are looking for. If you can, try to get a background of the competition if there is a theme, expectations, target audience, who might use it or where they intend to use it. You might get a better idea of how you’re going to proceed with your work to impress the judges.

TComedy Writing Competitionsry to polish your materials - it must have quality, wit, content and, it must be hilarious. But there is a common mistake many writers commit simply because they are too busy and so into their work they end up forgetting to correct their grammar and spelling before they send it. Please proofread your work. Judges will most likely have no patience reading works filled with grammar and spelling errors. Instead of impressing the judges with your work, they might just decide not to consider it at all.

More tips to consider:

•           Stay within the page limit. But you don’t have to compress your whole story line within the required limits and ruin your script. Stay with the flow of your story, how you envisioned the funny witty lines and delivery, let them be hooked on it and then make them ask for more.

•           Fresh funny interesting plots and witty conversation will always make the judges notice your work. And if you are able to conjure up several lovable, amusing, wonderful standout characters, it will surely propel your work ahead of the pack.

•           Send your work on time, make sure judges have enough time to leisurely read your work and enjoy it.             Instead of sending them late where judges are pressed for time and could only skim through or just barely read the many entries that usually come towards the end of every competition.

•           Always use the correct script format. Before sending your script make sure you are using the right one. You will have a big problem if judges could not readily open your entry. It is heart breaking to know that your work never had a chance, because judges never got the chance to see it.

•           If your work is not chosen to win the contest, just be gracious. Always be willing to listen to any comment or suggestion from judges; their sound advice can always help you improve your work. Remember that joining a competition is always a learning process and the more experience you gain the more it increases your chances of receiving the highest honour next time.

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