Joining Australian Competitions: Worth or Waste of Time?

Posted on: 19th March 2013

How many results do you think you can get when you type the phrase ‘Australian competitions’ into Google? You would get no less than seventy five million results. Companies, websites, and sponsors fund all sorts of promotional competitions and prize draws in which they offer a plethora of rewards, freebies, giveaways, and even cash gifts. The thing is, most people do not find it out at the right time so they blow off their chances of winning great prizes.


Australia Contests Tips

Australian competitions provide discount offers, attractive souvenirs, cash prizes and other appealing enticements for anyone who wants to explore the interesting world of comping. If you are lucky enough, it is not impossible to win electronic gadgets, furniture, all-expense paid vacations and significant amount of money. If you are serious about improving your chances of winning, here are useful tips you should follow:

  1. Australian CompetitionsTake  part in competitions that are legitimate and are not violating any provisions of the law. Be wary of those that ask for your personal account number or credit card information. It might be a scam. If a question or a requirement makes you uncomfortable, do the necessary steps to determine if it is legit or just a trap in the making before you proceed with      volunteering details about your identity.
  2. The more contests you enter, the higher your chances of winning. Find out as many competitions as you can and just enter it.
  3. Stick to the rules. Read the fine print because it can spell the difference  between winning the coveted prize and forfeiting your chance to move to the finish line.
  4. Never entertain the thought of giving up. Occasionally or more often than not, you might be stuck in a series of unwinnable moments. It should not discourage you; instead, explore the different types of competitions you can join in so you can turn the odds to your favour.
  5. The more complicated the contest is, the easier it is to win. It is not just about the duration period you have to wait or the number of hours you put in but more on your willingness to abide with the guidelines.
  6. Organisation makes things simpler. If you are an organised person, it can help you a lot to achieve your ultimate goal of winning. Keeping a record of details about the competition you have joined is an essential step to avoid forgetting the number of promotional tokens you need to acquire, losing track of time, and making mistakes that might cost you the reward.
  7. Always be in the know. Take advantage of websites that can keep you updated with the types of competitions that you might find useful.

Why Joining Australian Competitions is a Worthwhile Activity

Entering Australian competitions is an enjoyable and lucrative hobby not only because of the potential winnings but also because there are few or no restrictions at all. While some promotional competitions are exclusive for children 12 years and below, a plethora of online contests are for everyone who is 18 years of age and above. There are prize draws that are only open to individuals who live in specific geographical locations. Otherwise, you are free to join any Australian competition that your heart desires.

The Benefits of Entering Australian Competitions

While not many people can boast of having gone to expensive holidays or having owned a yacht without spending a dime for it, there are still other benefits to joining Australian competitions.

  • For  minimum effort, you might reap compelling financial rewards.
  • You can do it whether you are at home or in the office.
  • Your winnings are all yours – tax-free!
  • If you put in maximum effort, this can be an additional source of income for you and your family.

Success isn’t guaranteed but …  Right from the start, you have to understand that you won’t immediately be surrounded by a hoard of the latest gadgets and home appliances. Rewards might be as rare as desert rain but it is all about how you view comping. From a pessimist’s perspective, it is a potentially underpaid job and definitely a waste of time. But for firm believers, it is a highly rewarding hobby and gives your internet surfing life a little bit spice.   Sometimes you have to spend long hours in front of the PC, hurting both your eyes and your bum but if you can ignore those minor details, hopefully you will soon be drooling over all the rewards and prizes.

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