Jeff Wilson $88M PowerBall Lottery Winner

Posted on: 18th September 2013

Jeff Wilson Lotto WinnerThousands spend hundreds of dollars a year on PowerBall tickets; with a gleam of hope and ambition in their eyes, they desperately seek a means to a new life - like perhaps $88 million dollars. Yes, that should do the trick. Jeff Wilson's father, a self proclaimed "lottery freak," after years of purchasing tickets for his children and himself, never truly guessed he'd ever buy a real winner. But he did. Spreading out a handful of tickets on the table, he directed for his kids to choose one for themselves. Shockingly, his son Wilson, was holding a winner worth millions.

Who is Jeff Wilson

Wilson, 27, is a Raleigh, NC resident. After winning the June 20, 2009 PowerBall, he told WRAL that he thought he may wake up and it all be a dream any minute. Wilson accepted his winnings as a lump sum, meaning that he received $42 million of the original $88 million; consequently, after taxes were deducted, Wilson's jackpot decreased to $29 million - but that's still millions of dollars richer. When asked what he was going to do with his winnings, he offered himself suggestions such as go on a vacation, give some to family and friends, and even possibly donate to a children's hospital.

Tips on Winning the Lottery

Winners throughout the years have provided their personal strategies - both superstitious and educated. Below are a few basic tips that are typically universal suggestions to people looking into playing:

1. Instead of allowing the machine to pick your numbers for you, pick them yourself.
2. Stick with the same numbers. Try not to detour from them.
3. Don't go overboard, but buy as many as you can comfortably afford.
4. Research your numbers. Perhaps you can use numbers that have won before.
5. Remember that it's not a game based in luck; it's completely probability.

Handfuls of lottery winners have the played the game - never expecting to become millionaires. Perhaps you can be the next unexpected winner? You just have to get out there and participate!

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