Jacqueline Rusha Won the Gold Coast Holiday Package!

Posted on: 4th November 2013

Australia is a paradise haven for holiday makers. From natural attractions, historical sites and heritage locations to awesome amusement parks and amazing shopping districts, you’ll never run out of wonderful places to visit and explore.

Jacqueline Rusha Gold Coast Holiday WinnerSo imagine Jacqueline Rusha’s elated surprise when she found out that she won the Gold Coast $10,000 holiday package!

But it’s not just the holiday package that makes it such a sweet deal. It also included a $2000 worth of spending money as well as $3000 worth of Apple products voucher. How lucky can a girl be, huh?

Needless to say, she is looking forward to indulging in this much-needed holiday – away from the chaotic schedule of her university life. And though we all know for sure that she’s going to have a blast, let’s find out what she’s going to do on her vacation and her Apple shopping galore.

How did she do it.. well she did enter a few times but and with one of her guests she got it correct and figured out it was 2,618 grams..


Congratulations Jacqueline! So how does it feel winning that awesome holiday package?

Thank you! It feels amazing to have won this! I still can't quite believe it to be honest.

Did you have any doubts about winning at all?

I was a little sceptical at first, never having won anything like this before, I really didn't think there would be any chance of me winning it. But then the prizes started rolling in...

So, where do you plan on having your dream holiday? Anything on your travel bucket list you want to cross off?

I will be going to Queensland. I lived there for a short time as a child and have always dreamed of going back.

And during your fabulous vacation, what are some of the things you want to experience for the first time?

I couldn't say, hopefully just lots of good things.

Who’s the lucky companion for the trip?

I will be taking my beautiful partner, Chelsea.

Which of the Apple products would you buy and why?

A new phone, because I desperately need one and an iPod to store all my music on.

Any tips on compers out there who also want to win a holiday package like the one you did?

If you come across a legitimate competition, just give it a go. What harm could it do?

So have a go... why not enter our Bali Dream holiday competition below?


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