iPhone 5 Winner Gives us His Review

Posted on: 4th May 2013

iPhone 5 Winner ReviewApple finally released the long awaited iPhone 5 in September: and I managed to get my lucky hands on one a few short months later when I entered a competition to win an iPhone 5. After getting over the initial shock of winning, I decided to write this review to show how it stands out against its own competition.

Overall Performance

The iPhone 5 is an amazing upgrade compared to its predecessor. The operating system and home screens are super fast, thanks to the new A6 processor.

What to expect of the operating system? Well, my personal rating is 95% positive. The animation is smooth and apps respond quickly.

One of the wonderful things about the iPhone 5 is that there’s no lag time when you take a photo or record a video. Everything comes out perfectly smooth when compared to its contemporaries. The overall performance of the hardware is a refreshing experience.

The phone’s not bulky, and it’s simple to hold. The screen is not too big, making surfing with my fingers fun. The aluminum casing also does a solid job of protecting the phone from scratches: I’ve dropped it a few times, I’m afraid to say!

Battery life

Well, apple has fulfilled their promise and the iPhone 5 comes with a stellar battery. When operating on Wi-Fi the battery will last for nine hours. This is with average use: checking email, sending messages, using apps such as Twitter, Facebook and ESPN… commuter stuff.

Above all, the iPhone 5 has some lovable features…


There are smartphone cameras and then there’s the iPhone 5 camera. Simply put, it’s ones of the best on the market. Photo quality is excellent, even in areas where there is poor lighting. The video is just as good. I think I might sell my DSLR!


With the iPhone 5 you can switch between HSPA+4G and 4G LTE. HSPA+ is far better than 3G: with this you can browse faster, watch videos in real time, chat with friends on Skype and read massive emails. All in a day’s work with the iPhone 5.

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