Ipad vs Ipad Mini Comparison

Posted on: 24th March 2013

Which is better for taking pictures: iPad or iPad Mini?


The launch of iPad in our tech-savvy generation is accompanied by much hype as to its functionality, interface design, cloud storage and cloud-enabled apps, and overall performance. But its impressive retina display –particularly for the iPad mini and the fourth-generation iPad – is what tickles the interest of budding photographers, trigger-happy shutterbugs, and even seasoned snap-shooters. Apple’s landmark product earned varying levels of interest from them, ranging from slight curiosity to fervent passion, but the ultimate question is which has superior quality for producing the best photos?


Ipad vs Ipad Mini Comparison

Best Places To Take Photos


Whether you have been a resident in the same city for 10 years or just passing through for a couple of days, you can gain the most amazing experience of your life here by indulging in photowalks. Photography lovers know exactly how to capture the essence of a place just by a simple swish and flick of their cameras. Lucky for us, discovery of treasure troves worthy to take a thousand pictures is made easier by the Apple’s piece de resistance – the iPad.


So if you’re travelling in one of the best places to take photos – which iPad version will produce the best results?


iPad 4

Pros: The fourth-generation iPad has a retina display that enables it to deliver amazingly sharp text and images. It is almost impossible for the human eye to distinguish any pixel even when you hold it at a close distance. Taking photos, browsing through web pages and reading text is so convenient with its ideal 9.7-inch screen size.


Cons: This iPad version is twice as heavy as the iPad mini. It’s like when you are starting to be immersed with your snap shooting, you’ll finally notice its weight bearing down on your arms. It is still more portable than a laptop and wins extra points for its slim contour but it is still something your cannot just tuck in your pocket every time you want to take photos.


iPad Mini

Pros: If you don’t mind day-long picture-taking activities, then the remarkably thin and light iPad mini is the perfect accessory. You can even ditch your backpack because it will fit comfortably in your pocket. It is just .69 lbs – allowing you to catch arresting images of your surroundings, with minimal effort, even after hours of doing so.


Cons: It still bears more pixels-per-inch than the second-generation iPad but does not match the retina display of iPad 4. If you are also used to bigger screen size, its 7.9-inches might be bothersome when you always need to zoom in on a particular photo subject.


Moot – Storage options, platform/software, lightning port, LTE 4G, and FaceTime/iSight cameras.


If portability is your concern, then an iPad mini is a pocket-friendly option. But if you’re impressed with the larger screen size and better resolution that iPad 4 has, you won’t certainly mind bringing a bag each time you go out for your photo ops.


So if the pricing is the biggest determining factor, then an entry-level iPad Mini at $329 is an awesome deal. But if you can ignore the $170 difference, it always pays off to get the top-of-the-line hardware. Then again, you can join iPad competitions and hope to win one so you don’t have to spend any of your hard-earned dollar.


If you can travel the world and would want to make the most out of your iPad snap shooting experience, here are some of the best places to take photos:


  1. New      Guinea. If your ideal picture-perfect images include primitive tribes      living off the land, totally unaware of cultures beyond their valleys,      then your photo adventures begin here.
  2. Sicily,      Italy. The island’s roots, which can be traced from the ancient Greeks and      the Arabs, has huge impact on the religious and traditional festivals of      this Catholic society – making for unique images that photographers would      be clamouring for.
  3. Xinjiang,      China. An unconventional storyline can be made out of the local      communities here, all because of the slow decay it is experiencing which      can be attributed to the expansion of powerful societies within their own      lands.
  4. French      Polynesia. Breathtakingly beautiful and not so easily forgotten – that is      the kind of photo op you will have here, thanks to the splendour of the      island and the warmth of the people.
  5. Mongolia.      You better be fit and trim for the long journey to image-worthy      opportunities – Mongolian wrestling, camel trekking, horse races, and      hunting with golden eagles. That’s what awaits you here.
  6. Masai      Mara National Reserve, Kenya. Striking images are what you get when there      is an abundance of animals around you. The game guides are very educated,      giving you the assistance you need to get the best shots of the amazing      wildlife here.
  7. Arctic.      Take endless pictures of polar bears and walruses. These fascinating      creatures will one day disappear if we are not careful with our lifestyle.
  8. Antartica.      Seize the opportunity while there is still ice. Ecosystems here are worth      a thousand pictures.
  9. Pantanal,      Brazil. You get the wildlife of the Amazon without feeling constricted.      The parrots, jaguars, and giant anteaters are impeccable subjects for      photography.
  10. Midway      Atoll, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. A protected paradise for nesting      seabirds. You will never get tired of taking shots of those endangered      species.

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