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Posted on: 22nd May 2014

There are many who would exclusively chase instant sweepstakes and contests. When asked why they prefer only this type, they say that the adrenalin rush is best felt here – and nothing else can compare to it. With regular sweepstakes you will have to wait until the D-date when the winner is drawn to get the prize – if you win.

With instant sweepstakes you will get it instantly. There is an exhilarating high when you see the pop-up message on your computer screen saying, “YOU have won!”. This is a great feeling, which once experienced you would seek it again and again.

How Do They Choose The Winner On Instant Sweepstakes?

The sponsors of the instant sweepstakes normally choose a time (say, 11.19 AM) and anyone who enters at that time or closest to it is declared the winner. Hence, with these sweepstakes time is the determining factor.

Is It Necessary To Play The Games Offered By Instant Sweepstakes?

Most instant sweepstakes will urge you to play a game – such as clicking on a “lucky” chest, flipping a coin by clicking on it, flipping cards, spinning a wheel, and so on. However, since your winning is determined by the time of entry – you will win whether or not you are playing these games. Hence, if you like to play do so; but if you do not want to play you could very well skip the games as they will not affect your chances to win.

Always Read And Follow The Rules

As with all sweepstakes, it is very important that you read, understand and follow the rules to the T. There is nothing more heartbreaking than to win and then get disqualified because of some technicality you have missed to comply with when entering the contest. This is most painful with the instant sweepstakes – because you feel it has been literally wrenched out of your hands.

Use It To Fight Sweepstakes Burnout

All sweepers (those who play sweepstakes are called ‘sweepers’) will go through a period when they feel that the whole thing is hopeless and that their luck has deserted them. This is especially true for newbies who perhaps have played hard for 3-6 months and have not yet won anything.

Whenever you feel low and desperate for a win, start playing instant sweepstakes and contests. This type of game has the power to pull you out from your depression and bring you to an euphoric state by showing you that you, too could win – instantly.

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