Increase Your Chances in Winning Australian Online Competitions

Posted on: 28th June 2014

As you join online competitions, you will learn that it is not that easy to come out on top and win the prize you are after. There are probably hundreds even thousands of people after the same thing especially if it is a highly sought after prize. Keep your head together and do not lose heart, it is normal to encounter some set back. But as your experience grows from each of the competitions that you join, you will learn to develop some kind of plan and strategy from the well of experience and knowledge that you have gained.

These are some of the things to keep in mind to increase your chances in winning online competitions.

  1. Legitimate site. Avoid being the victim. Beware! There are scammers out there ready to pounce on any naïve and unsuspecting person. By reading and examining in detail the terms and conditions you will get some idea if the site you are in may be legit or not. Always use and check for feedback and comments about the site, and you’ll know which to avoid.
  2. Listings. Always follow or be a regular on sites that have already proven themselves, those where you have won prizes, those where you had good experience or those that come highly recommended by other comp professionals. And there are exclusive sites that provide listings of accredited competitions and draws. Some free, some may ask for a token membership that would be worth it if you are in for the long haul.Winning Australian Online Competitions
  3. Personal preference. Based on the type of competition that one likes or the types of prizes that are at stake, are common reasons of some compers in joining competitions. Well, try not to be picky. Stop ignoring the games even though you think you can win but pass it up just because you are not interested in the prize. Sell them at eBay! Or give it to someone you know that can appreciate it and appreciate you.
  4. Compartmentalize. Try to set up separate email accounts.  It can be overwhelming especially if you are in several competitions at the same time. It can be messy and very confusing if you do not organize. It is heart breaking if you fail to catch the opportunities that are supposed to go your way just because you miss the notification in your inbox.
  5. Give correct identification and information. After taking all the steps to make sure that the competition you want to enter is legitimate, do not hesitate to give the correct details and personal information about yourself, with one caution: do not give away your credit card details or any pertinent financial details.
  6. Working hard or hardly working. So you tried joining and want to be a comping professional. Do not expect prizes to be just falling on your lap. There’s no instant or overnight success. Don’t be disappointed if there is nothing happening. Have the patience as it takes some time and a lot of effort and some strategy before you start winning and start raking in some prizes. Try joining first competitions where fewer people participate in just because they are not attractive and a little bit demanding. The less people join the more advantage for you, the higher your chances of winning.
  7. Organize. Always have paper and pens on hand. Make a list of the competitions you’ve joined and prepare some personal rating system if you can. Keep records of closing dates, prize values, points and tokens, promotional labels. Keep a list of the sites where you have won and the prizes you’ve received.

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