Improve Your Luck – Cast A Good Luck Gambling Spell

Posted on: 25th March 2013

Lucky spells? Does the title make you laugh or stand up with interest? For those who do not believe in luck or spells or both – you can still do this to improve your focus on positive outcome. For those who believe in luck, spells or both – you will enjoy “casting” good luck spells and enjoy it even more when you start winning prizes from contests, sweepstakes and/ or lottery draws.

Try this one out; if nothing else, it will push your mind towards believing that you can win and with positive thinking a lot can be achieved. Also, before you go for this spell, please keep in mind that for it to work you will need to believe that it works.

Spell For Winning At Gambling – you will need to take a photograph of yourself, 4 yellow candles, 1 green candle, 3 pineapple leaves, 3 amber stones, 5 different coins, and an offering bowl. From a Wiccan Store buy the essential oil of your astrological sing. You will need to say this spell for 3 consecutive days. The first day wear only green, second day wear white and third day wear black. To cast the spell run through the following spells:

  • Wash your hand with water mixed with a few drops of essential oil for cleansing;
  • Draw your  Wiccan protection circle and place one of each the yellow candles at each cardinal point. Place the green candle in front of you.
  • Place the amber stones, 5 coins, and pineapple leaves in the offering bowl in front of you.
  • Light the incense and all the candles
  • Take the lighted green candle and let a few drops of wax fall on your photo;
  • Hold the offering bowl in your hand and looking at your photo repeat this spell 5 times:

“I invoke thee, Goddess of abundance,

Draw money and luck towards me,

May abundance flow freely in my life,

Now and forever.”

As you voice the spell, envisage money flowing towards you; try to feel the good energy flow towards you. Blow the green candle and imagine the green genie (color of abundance) of the candle collecting all money from the Universe and sending it towards you.

With that image in your mind blow all the candles and close the circle. Repeat this ritual the second and third day. After 3 days try your luck at any contests/ sweepstakes/ lottery and enjoy your winnings. Do note, that the winnings might not be considerable, but they will soon add up to a neat sum.

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