Important Tips In Taking Potrait Photographs

Posted on: 21st August 2013

Portrait photography is a very unique type of photography. Much of this is because the shots are usually done as "still shots". The benefit to this is that the photographer can be more precise in poses. However, the difficulty with these types of photos is that they can often be more difficult to get the spontaneous facial expressions that can bring so much life to photographs.

Most everyone is familiar with all the things a photographer tries to do to get people to smile or laugh to bring their photos to life. However, "still shots" are a particular type of photo that needs a combination of color, atmosphere, and inspiration which needs so much more than just the words "say cheese".

Potrait Photography TipsSome of the best ways to bring about expression with portrait photos is to make the atmosphere and the feelings at the studio as natural or elegant as possible for proper mood. Much of what the atmosphere should feel like depends on the purpose of the photo. Is it meant to be for the Holidays, or a special family gathering photo? Or is it supposed to be a casual playful photo shoot? The portrait focus should direct how the photo shoot is created. All the fake momentary words in the world cannot compensate for true emotional expressions. Often, photos that are taken outside can be a great way to inspire natural expression which brings about the best in Portrait photo shoots.

Additionally, some color coordinating is helpful when designing a photo shoot. The color contrasts of the people and the atmosphere are important considerations. The colors of the people in the photo should not be in stark contrast against the environment of the photo shoot as this can create a washout effect for the faces of the people in the photo.

If the photos are to be taken outside, special attention to details of lighting is important as is the power and softness of the lens. Most often outside photos should be taken with a high quality lens with more detail to make the photos as clear as possible. By contrast inside photos usually need a softer lens to bring about more dramatic photo effect.

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