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Posted on: 23rd June 2017

ImpactFlow has raised $2 million to continue its expansion into event management.

When founded in 2013, ImpactFlow helped nonprofits and businesses collaborate together with their platform that managed donations and events. Charities used ImpactFlow for free and could find businesses willing to work with them. In 2015, the company landed $5.7 million from investors to expand to major cities beyond their Portland home base.

Last year the startup slightly redirected their focus onto event management specifically for businesses and nonprofits running multiple simultaneous events in various locations. In preparation for the shift, ImpactFlow released an updated platform and iOS app that’s been a successful move.

“That part of the platform has gained a ton of traction,” said ImpactFlow CEO Tyler Foreman. “We focused our efforts on events and trimmed out some of the giving-focused solutions we had previously.” He continued to say that while they’ve kept many of the solutions specifically for nonprofits, they’ve worked to service businesses who run events across their entire enterprise.

With ImpactFlow, businesses can easily set up an event, sell tickets, communicate with attendees and with their own events management team, and receive full data reports for analysis after the event. One unique feature included in the update is the way an organization can run multiple events in different locations, but still allow each group autonomous management.

The company’s goal is to raise another $1 million within the coming months to grow their sales team.

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