Imagine, Dream, Visualize for winning Xbox in Poetry Competition

Posted on: 22nd October 2014

A poem is a perfect balance of words, imagination and originality. It has the power to define any minute happening in the world with a pinch of uniqueness. The art of writing a poem is not imbibed into everyone. It requires having a creative eye for every action occurring us. It is how we visualize the world different from a non-poet. But every poet needs a platform to show up his talent and there is no other platform as beneficial and productive as ‘Poetry Competitions’. Whether you are an experienced or a seasoned bard, poetry competitions are open for both new and veteran talent and give commendable exposure for exhibiting talent.

As reward prizes, they select the best for ensuring participation at a large level. Poetry competitions when conducted for encouraging budding talent, they offer reward that appeals today’s generation. The most preferred one is Microsoft Xbox, a device that has taken gaming to a new level. Any competition having Xbox as its main prize is worth to fight for, not just poetry contests. But you have to win first for getting that magnificent gaming device. Here are some tips which can help you out.poetry competition

  • Admire poetry: An aspiring poet should inspire himself by reading and admiring the creative work of other veteran poets.  Read and listen to verses and couplets written by other poets and learn the way of writing. By doing so, you will be able to develop your linguistic style. A promising cricketer learns to play by watching cricket matches. In a similar way, a budding poet is required to respect, appreciate and grasp the art of poetry from classics written by experts.
  • Have spur and spunk:  Generate a different style of observing things around you. Do not be boring and unexciting. Be courageous enough to pick a topic never chosen before. Jurists admire those who are leaders not followers. Bring a spark in you and let it appear in your poem.
  • Write whatever you get: For a newbie it is the best way to store creative ideas. Carry a pen and paper with you every time and once you think of something out of the box or something interesting, jot it down. This will be your own poem dictionary. Ideas can pop up anywhere. Prevent it from being skipped out from your memory. Save your ideas for writing an elegant piece for winning the grand title.
  • Have a creative vision: Being monotonous and worn-out in approach while participating in poetry competition is a strict no-no. Be different by selecting something never heard or thought before. In case you are picking up some repetitive topics such as love and independence, twisting and tweaking a little can get you on right track.
  • Mind your words:Use of right words and their accurate placement can create wonders. Wrong and irrelevant use of words can deteriorate the quality of your poem. Think about new words and try to fit into the space. Don’t go over the board. Just keep it simple and straight.

People of all age groups are a die-hard fan of Microsoft’s brainchild, xbox. So when you have power of words in your hands and a gaming spirit breathing in you, participating in a poetry competition is the best way.

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