How You Can Save an Animal with Pet Adoption

Posted on: 18th August 2013

Pet Adoption

Having a pet in your life is fantastic, but saving an animal’s life by adopting it is even better.Here are some reasons why you should adopt a pet.


Improve the life of an animal


Adopting an animal is bound to be rewarding for both you and your new pet. Many shelters that take in homeless animals will put them down if they are not adopted after a reasonable period of time. When you adopt a pet, you’re not only saving its life: you’re giving it a better quality of life, too.


Save money


Animal adoption is a great way to save money. Animals that are taken in by shelters are spayed or neutered, and they also receive vaccinations. These services offered by the adoption agency reduce costs for the new owner, making adoption much cheaper than purchasing your new companion at a pet store.


Get a healthy pet.


As mentioned before, pets that come through animal shelters are neutered and spayed, with updated vaccines,  meaning the animal is happy and healthy. Despite popular myth, many pets that are in shelters have not been mistreated. Many have found their way into animal shelters because of family problems such as divorce, relocation, or the original owner simply becoming unable to provide adequate care for their pet.


Put a stop to puppy mills


Many dogs sold in pet stores or through newspaper ads are the products of puppy mills. These mills are massive dog breeding businesses that don’t care about the health of their animals. Puppy mills house hundreds of dogs together, compromising the animals’ health. When you adopt a dog or puppy through an animal shelter, you are taking support away from these inhumane businesses.


Have more choice


Shelters and pet adoption agencies are home to lots of animals. You can choose from a range of breeds, ages and sexes. Most pet agencies have websites

that you can browse to see the animals that are available for adoption.


There is a certain level of satisfaction that you get when you adopt a pet. Not only will you be supporting a worthy cause, you save money and receive the perfect furry friend for your family.

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