How Writing Competitions Can Kick-Start Your Writing Career

Posted on: 21st February 2013

Competition TipsShowcasing your writing talent in a competition offers you the chance to become an established writer.  Many competitions offer small cash prizes, but most importantly, they offer the opportunity to have your work published. This is the perfect launch pad for newbie writers.


The stakes are high in large writing competitions. Writers from across the world enter their work into annual competitions, with the winner getting their work published by a recognized publishing house.


The door to international fame swings open when your work is published by an established publisher. Before you know it, book deals will be flying in from around the world.


Not all major writing competitions will result in you receiving a publication; however many competitions will send the shortlisted work to editors from recognized publishing houses. This opens the doors for shortlisted writers to receive a publication contract, too.


If your work is not chosen the first time around, it doesn’t mean you should give up. There are heaps of writers who submit their work several years in a row and aren’t selected. Persistence does pay off and eventually (if your work is excellent) you will be recognized, opening the door for local and international publication.


It’s not all about large writing competitions, either, so don’t exclude smaller competitions. Getting the attention of a judge could be enough to kick start your career in writing.


You need to be careful about the contest that you enter. Contests that promise instant publication, huge awards and request large entry fees are likely to be scams.


Some competitions do request a small fee to cover the cost of sending material to honorariums and judges. Search for recognized competitions that have a high publication of authors and submit your work to them.

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