How To Win Poetry Competition

Posted on: 12th September 2014

Win Poetry CompetitionIn high school, many of you might have discovered the budding poet inside you (thanks to the lovely blond sitting across your class room). Bat let’s face it whatever your romance-ridden adolescent creativity might have manufactured was probably not what-we-call “professional” in its true sense. So if you were really brave enough to try and pursue the poetic side of you and happen to land yourself in one of the poetry competitions, here are a few tips for you.

  1. Keep it simple:

Choose your topic and words wisely and make sure that you project a clear image of what you are saying. The topic has to be intelligent but at the same time within the grasp of people’s brains. If you have already been given a topic then make sure you don’t let your imagination and poetry stray too far from it. Abandon the idea that big words are what it takes to get the first prize. Think outside the box, not out of context.

  1. First impression might not be the last:

It is a common delusion that first few opening lines will win you the competition. How about capturing the attention of the judges through and through the entire poem? Don’t you think that helps your cause even better?

  1. Respect your originality:

Most of the people fret so much to make their content unique. But the most simple and efficient way of doing that is to write your own poetry without adultery. You may do your research and read articles off the internet, but the words you pen down have to be truly yours. There cannot be anything more unique than your words strung together to portray your idea.

  1. Don’t skip the spell-check:

For all the snotty people, who think that they know their language, this is the most valuable tip. Never send out your final draft without proper revision of your work. A minute spellings mistake is enough to ruin your impression. In poems, there is a certain kind of liberty to use words and to bend the rules of grammar but don’t get carried away.

  1. Follow the rules:

After a lifetime of rebellion against rules it must be excruciating to do so but don’t let your ego sabotage your application in the competition. Strictly adhere to the rules prescribed. If it says 20 lines, then 20 lines it is. God Almighty knows that the judges don’t go easy on negligence. Pay special attention to the due date or time.

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