How To Win More In Online Competitions

Posted on: 17th June 2013

If you have delved into the world of online competitions then you will know the massive amount of competitions that are available to enter online. Here are useful tips and tricks on how to win competitions to get you more prizes and chances to win.

Where to find the good ones

Since the digital age has made finding good comps easier than ever, just Google it especially if you’re looking for a specific prize such as an iPad or a holiday. There’s also a great range of competition-compiling sites that will list all the best comps on offer. These will give you the chance to enter as many contests as possible, and dramatically increase your odds of winning!

Do not forget the power of social media. Brands will often run competitions on Facebook and Twitter so keep track of those.

What to do when in a dry rut

Even after entering hundreds of competitions, you might find yourself to never having won a thing. You might be making a common competition mistake. Make sure you submit your entry within the time frame or before the closing date of the competition. Do not also think twice of going against the rules or not following the exact requirements needed to qualify. Most importantly, check your emails. People often miss out just because they don’t know that a company has contacted them with good news.

Type of competitions that are likely to attract the least attention

Generally, if the prize is big, the number of entries will be large. But the harder they are to enter, the better the odds. Some people would be turned off with the effort they have to put on to enter it but it should sound like gold dust for you. Comps that require proof of purchase to enter, for example, have fewer entrants, as will anything run by a small store or independent business.

Win More In Online CompetitionsComps that require a skill to win

By their very nature, competitions where you have to do something you are judged on – provide you with better odds of winning as you’re being judged on ability rather than by your lucky chance. Understand the task and evaluate your capacity to carry them out. It has to be clear to you why you are being asked to do a particular task and how you can stand out from the rest.

How to tell if a competition is legitimate

Sadly, scams occur all around the world and competitions certainly aren’t an exception. Make sure you never hand over any personal details such as your credit card number to ‘validate’ your win. Anything guaranteeing you a prize is definitely something to avoid too. Stay away from emails telling you to click on something for you to claim a reward.

Best tip for aspiring compers

You have to got to be in it to win it. Though it is completely cliché, it is also a definite truth.

Understanding your odds is also a great one. If you have more entries, you increase the likelihood of a sure win. Finally, find a competition that will attract the least number of entries.

More tips and tricks

  • Don’t cheat. Bending the rules can cost you your prize.
  • Enter comps aimed at males. Men just aren’t as interested as women so seize that opportunity.
  • Don’t give wrong or incomplete information. It would be difficult for the promoters to contact you if you have won the prize.
  • Read the instructions and check the fine print. This way, you would know what you’re getting onto before you plunge ahead.
  • When you answer questions or complete the requirements, think like a promoter. Some want cleverness and creativity while others want honesty and organization. Pull apart the question, look for key words, search for clues that would make you improve your chances of winning any online competition you will enter.

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