How to Win Free Movie Tickets

Posted on: 3rd August 2013

Going to the movies is a very popular past time. With all the big ticket movies coming out over the summer, many people are hoping they can go to the cinema even more in the next few months. However, the price to buy movie tickets, popcorn, soda, and candy can be terribly daunting. Finding ways to save on the cost of going to the movies is smart but learning ways to get free movie tickets or even movie coupons is an even better option.

Win Movie TicketsFirstly, if there is one particular movie you are very excited to see, visit the movie's website. Many big ticket movies have amazing websites created to get fans even more interested. These websites are usually interactive with games and promotions. They also offer an option to sign up for promotions or emails regarding special news or offers. Many times, emails will be sent out notifying fans of opportunities to get free passes to advanced screenings. These are basically free movie tickets for you and a few friends!

It's also a good idea to visit a few sites to win movie tickets. There are hundreds of online contests on the internet that can offer many prizes. These sites may not offer free tickets to specific movies, but you may be able to win movie tickets from a certain theater company. By completing a few online searches, you can easily find contents where users can enter to instantly win tickets to many different theater companies. Other contests could also help players win free candy, popcorn, drinks or prize packs.

There are many ways to save money with discounted movie tickets or buy winning a few free tickets. Everyone should get to the movies at least once this summer.

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