How to Win Facebook Competition?

Posted on: 18th July 2014

Facebook is not a restricted platform to the ones who are interested in getting maximum likes on their picture, or who like to chat with your friends. Definitely, it has extended reach and huge fan following, as a result of which, so many superstars of online marketing finds it even more lucrative. These lion’s share of social media market considers this platform really worthy to keep their ears to the ground. Consequently, time to time they organize interesting Facebook Competitions especially when it has dual benefits. First, it gives participants a lifetime chance to win amazing gifts; secondly, it aids companies in getting a valuable feedback from their existing customers and advertise their products to the new ones.

Facebook competitionsBut now the question arises that how to win these competitions? Here are few important tips that you need to remember if you believe in winning every second competition on Facebook.

Step 1

Update your account settings

To win Facebook competitions it is must to have an account on this social media platform. You know the procedure to sign up the account very well or else login to Now once your Facebook account is set up the second most important thing to do is adjust your settings. For this you must choose the ‘privacy settings’ option. It is the default setting for sharing your posts so ensure you choose the ‘public’ one.

Role Of Non-camping Friends

Your non-camping friends may play an important in making you a winner of Facebook competition. It is very important for them to know that you are keen in competition entries; otherwise this may give them impression that you are spamming them. You must inform them that they can ‘unsubscribe’ from getting your updated posts showing up in their newsfeed

Step 2

How to Enter Your Facebook Competition?

This is going to be your first Facebook Competition ever. To begin with you can click the ‘competition link’.

Then you can scroll through the competition link page and find a competition that entices you.

Step 3

For prizes like make-up kit, coffee mug, branded t-shirt, and so on you will be updated by the organizing team in their post section once the competition ends. However, if you are declared as a winner then you will be provided with a link to click on!

Facts about Facebook Competition

Most of the contests or competition on Facebook includes playing a game, sharing your photos, tagging yourself in a photo, sending your best travel pictures, some vides created by you or sending best art designs.

Sometimes these competitions also give importance to filling a form, liking, sharing or commenting in a particular area, and so on. Indeed they are interesting and thoroughly cater to the needs of the Facebook users.

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