How To Win Contests

Posted on: 21st November 2012

Winning contests is never easy. However, you can always shift the odds a little bit in your favor, making it a little more likely that you can win a prize. Given the nature of some of these contests, that can be only be a good thing.

Make sure that you have read the rules and that you are playing by them. The easiest to lose is by being disqualified, and the easiest way to get disqualified is to not play by the rules. Sure, a lot of them have the same rules, but the details are usually just a little different, and those details, if not allowed for, can pretty much changes your odds of winning a prize to zero. Another reason to take a careful look at the rules is for contests that require personal information, such as mobile numbers or credit card numbers, to make sure that you are protected.

Win ContestNot playing certain contests can work against you, especially as these are sometimes easier to win than others. Be wary of contests that have an entry fee, but do enter some. Also, contests that require some skill to win should not be avoided either. In general, any contest with a barrier of some kind to entry improves your odds of winning; fewer people will enter, and that means better odds. It also helps knowing which games have better chances of being won before you enter, so do some research.

You will also need to learn to deal with the increased amount of e-mail you will be dealing with. On the flip side, do not send too much to friends; some contests require that you tell friends about the contest to increase your chances, but you want them to remain friends so do not spam them. Make sure that you do support the people sponsoring the contest; the more support that they get the more contests they will hold. Above all, learn to be patient. You are playing the odds and that means you will not always win, and you also need to play a lot of contests to win them on a consistent basis. So enter often, keep track of the contests you enter, and relax a little so you can enjoy your winnings.

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