How to Win Baby Photo Contests – 5 Top Tips

Posted on: 27th July 2014

If you love to photograph babies or you feel you have the cutest baby in the whole world, it would be great to enter the baby’s photos in contests. You could win some serious money doing so. To ensure that you optimize your chances to win, take a look at the following few tips:


1. Find The Best Baby Photo Contests – just entering one or two contests would not have you win – unless you are unusually lucky. However, as most winners have shared luck has little to do with winning; what you need is to tilt the odds towards you and to do that you need to enter as many contests as you can. Use Google alerts to let you know whenever a baby photo contests is announced online – and enter them all.  Only remember – you need to send a different photograph every time.

2. Pay Attention To Details - First of all read the contest guidelines carefully to understand what it requires; what the theme is; what it should convey; etc. Also check whether there is any limit on the age of the baby, etc. Pay attention to the deadlines given and what are the procedure of entry.

3. The Winning Photograph – to get winning photographs – and you will require many – you need to learn to shoot like a professional. To do so you do not need to take fancy photography classes; just follow a few basic guidelines.

  • Focus on the baby - Keep the background (area) of the shoot completely free of clutter. The simpler the background, the better. Shooting outdoors is a great idea if you have no adequate room in your home.
  • Keep the flash off – unless strictly necessary, keep the flash off. It usually startles the baby and spoils the picture. Even if it does not, flash eats up most details that would make your photo great.
  • Look for close-ups – try capturing expressions of your baby. Close-ups are usually the best here. To get the right expressions, make adequate sounds. For example,  for laughter, laugh; for crying, scold the baby; for curiosity look, make funny noises; for funny looks make unknown noises; and so on.
  • Experiment with angles – take photos from up, from the same level and from down. Experiment and find unusual angles that give outstanding and unique photographs.


4. Take many photographs – do not stop at one. Take many. Also use the burst feature of your camera whereby you could take a set of 2-10 photographs in a continuous shot. Some excellent photographs can be captured that way.

5. Upload The Photograph With The A Caption – ensure that you have the photograph within the required megapixel requirement. Upload the photograph with a funny caption if possible.

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