How to win an art and design contest – A Judge’s Advice

Posted on: 10th August 2014

Art and design both have scope for the creativity and to win art and design contests it is essential that you must be creative. The judge always selects the best work that is unique and appealing at the same time. While entering into such contests it is better to understand the rules and regulations.

Winning an art and design contest could be easy if you take into consideration few important points:

Subject and theme you have chosen

win an art and design contestIt is very important that what subject and theme you have chosen for your art and design work. For example, if you have chosen a subject such as environmental issues then you show a painting depicting how one can save environment. Your creativity as well as your subject must go parallel in your art work, and then only your work will get appreciated. The audience as well as the judge can easily understand that what you want say in your artwork.

Importance of creativity

Your must win people’s heart and judges’ heart by adding creativity in your work. Here the importance of colours that you use in art and design contests is also important. You must know the trick that how colour, ideas and subject can be shown effectively in your art and design work.

Unique and original work

Your work must be unique and original. Taking an inspiration is fine but copying is prohibited in such contests. Judges who are having an experience of years can judge your work and it is essential that your work must be original. Avoid copying otherwise you might face rejection.


No doubts that presentation is an important part in such contests. You need to know how to present your ideas so that the judges will not reject your work. Whether you are presenting any social issue or depicting the beautiful scenario you must know the right way. For example, if you have taken up an issue of prohibition of smoking then you must present the art work in such a way that your message must get conveyed to the audience.

Following the rules and regulations of the contest

Before entering into any art and design contest you must check out their rules and regulations. Judges will reject if your artwork is not presented according to the guidelines of the contest. Therefore it is necessary to avoid any rejection by getting aware about the rules.

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