How To Win A Spicy Food Contest – 4 Super Cool Tips

Posted on: 3rd August 2014

Win Food ContestSpicy food contests are really tough. You definitely need to train for that for a while so you would be able to bear the pain that the hot peppers would explode in your mouth. The worst among the lot are the ghost peppers, which are believed to be about 100 times hotter than jalapeno peppers and about 40 times spicier than the next on the scale - the habanero peppers.

Thankfully, most spicy food challenges involve the latter two, i.e. the habanero and jalapeno peppers. It is very rare that ghost peppers are used. Here are a few critical tips that could help you win:

  1. Do Not Choose Water As Your Drink – spicy foods draw their spiciness from capsaicin, a chemical which is fat-soluble NOT water-soluble. This is the reason why water does not give you relief when you bite on a hot pepper; high fat content milk will, however. Most spicy food challenges will not allow the contestants to drink anything; but if they do, and allow you to choose yours – choose milk. Buy a whole gallon for you will definitely need more than a glass or two.
  1. Eat As Fast As You Can – with spicy food contests, it is important that you give yourself least time to think. East as quickly as you can before your brain catches up with the intense burning sensation in your mouth. Use your mp3 player/ iPod to keep your mind off what you are putting in your mouth; and eat fast.
  1. Train Your Mouth And Body – if you have the time to train, do so. Eating spicy food is an acquired taste and can be done. There are people who end up craving for the highest level of spicy food; hence, it can be done. However, be prepared for some yo-yo cycles of stomach upsets initially. Start with a few jalapenos, increase the numbers gradually and then graduate to the habanero peppers.
  1. Be Prepared For the After-effects – veterans advise that you take a few stomach friendly antacid such as TUMS or Pepto-Bismol just before and immediately after the spicy challenge. In many cases, the stomach will reject the spicy food and throw it up in a while. If it happens on its own, it is okay; if not, do not force yourself to throw up. Be prepared though, that you will suffer from a stomach upset post any spicy challenge. Have a cold milk-shake ready immediately after the challenge to soothe your burning mouth.

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