How To Win A Photography Contest – 5 Excellent Tips for Contenders

Posted on: 11th March 2014

Photography is a wonderful hobby and with the high-tech digital cameras available today it has become increasingly easier to capture excellent pictures even by newbies. Photograph contests can be excellent motivation to learn a few tricks that will have you shoot as a professional. Besides the delight that you will experience shooting photographs in the most creative manner, you could also end up winning some very handsome prizes both in kind and cash. Here are some infallible tips that will give you an extra edge over other competitors when you enter any type of photography contest:

  1. Follow the rules to the T – every contest has its own rules. Many contenders lost their chance to win because of trivial matters that they did not do because they overlooked details of the rules. Read the rules carefully and follow it to the T.
  1. Go Out Of Your Way For That Best Shot – you want to win, you need to get that snap that will make everyone who looks at it go, ‘Wow!’ or ‘Awwww’. To get that photograph, you need to go out of your way, put in an extra effort, look for different angles, different lights, different settings, and so on. Winning means going that extra mile to capture that perfect shot.
  1. Every Picture Tells a Story – touch people’s heart with the story you are showing with your photo. Ensure that your photograph tells a story that will remain in the mind of the viewer. The more visible the story, the more difficult it will be for the viewer to forget it; and that should be your aim. Your photograph should remain both in the heart and in the mind.
  1. Quality Of The Photograph Is Important – sharpness of your photograph is critical. Most judges will disqualify the photograph instantly if it is not perfect on sharpness. This is one thing you need to perfect before shooting your perfect picture. This is one detail that you should never ignore – quality of your photograph.
  1. Stay On The Theme – every contest has a theme. To optimize your chances to win the contest, stick to the theme. Your photograph should showcase the theme effortlessly. The closer it is to the theme, the better are the chances to win. Be creative, be innovative, be witty – but keep the photograph on the theme of the contest. If the judges would have to judge between a non-theme excellent photograph and a good photograph on the theme, they will choose the latter.

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