How To Win A Painting Competition

Posted on: 2nd July 2014

win a painting competitionPaintings have adorned the walls of the caves of early man’s residence to the most sophisticatedly designed modern homes. They have acquired a special place in mankind’s heart. Some of the most rejoiced paintings have attained immortality, leaving the sentiment and passion of the artist untarnished over the centuries. It is this sentiment that you have to evoke in the hearts of your judges. Your painting speaks volumes and gives another soul a peek into your imagination and inner self. So wining painting competition, mostly if not completely, depends upon your capability to appeal to the sentiment of your judges. Some of these tips will undoubtedly help you pave your way to the first prize.

  1. Mind the guidelines:

Most of the painting competitions have their own set of rules and specification which are to be given utmost attention and consideration. Some of the guidelines to look out for are: size of your painting, medium, theme, deadline or due time.

  1. Make up your mind:

Other than the on-the-spot competitions, most competitions declare their theme prior to the event. It is important that you give some thought into what goes onto your canvas. In case you are a fresher in the realms of colors then practicing before you paint your final draft is certainly helpful. If your competition furnishes you with the opportunity to devise your own theme then paint your heart out and concentrate on a theme to which everybody can easily relate to.

  1. Haste is waste:

Take your time with the outline of the painting. A simple pencil sketch before you paint with colors gives you the exact idea of what the final draft would look like. Try to achieve precision so that your painting is exactly what you wanted it to be.

  1. Know the jurors:

Check who the jurors are going to be, what type and style of art they generally create (in case they are working artists) or favor (in case they are critics) or teach.

  1. Hit it your best shot:

In no way should you enter an okay or nice painting, just to be on the safe side. Look at the competition criteria and enter your best work that fits it. What the jurors are looking for are creativity and originality. So enter something that is appealing and catches the eye instantly so that your work is pulled in for a closer look.

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