How to Win a Design Competition?

Posted on: 8th September 2014

Know Steps Here For A Straight Win

I have always been very creative but my talent was limited to my known ones. This always gave me a yucky feeling that why didn’t I get a chance to expose my talent to the world. Finally, god listened to my prayers and gave me a wonderful opportunity to lay down my skills for a foreign company who demanded a world-class design from all the interested participants.

Design ContestIt was an open competition where over 2000 talented artists participated. I was also one of them who had no idea that my innovation and unique approach in designing would help me win a whooping amount of $ 5,000. The reason why I am narrating you all this is to boost the inner dexterous person who also crave to prove his mettle as a performer but doesn’t know how to keep a right approach.

Here in this article of mine I would reveal you unknown secrets of mine that are actually sure shot ways to win a design competition. However, who know they may help you other contest too. Have a look below…

Keep yourself informed about competition entries

To get started it is very important for you to keep your eyes and ears open about all upcoming marketing competitions. You should gather entry information that also includes prices and deadlines. Not to be missed by you anyhow please mark all the competition dates you are targeting in your calendar and keep it right front of you.

Entry is must   

You can’t afford to forget that winning is only possible if you are determined about taking part in it. So, it is mandatory to remember the entry date and fill your entry accordingly.

Quality over Quantity

To make your win a lifetime possession you must give importance to keep quality over quantity. However, this will only be achieved if your design is 100% original. You have not copied it or stolen it from any one. The original art designing should always stay away from stock photography or clipart images, and put emphasis on creative font and thought-provoking presentation.

Submission of Design is Important

Submit your design in such a way that it indisputably blows the minds of the juries. As you are beginner in this field so it won’t be a problem for the jurors awkward and feel unoriginal about your project. Nevertheless, the best way to come out as the most deserving winner in a design competition is offer something of shocking originality and beauty.

Remember Rules and Regulations

In your sheer excitement to win a design competition don’t forget to check rules at each step you take.

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