How To Win A Car – 5 Quick Steps That Will Make Your Dream Come True

Posted on: 31st March 2014

Lady Luck smiles on those who work hard to get her attention. You want to win a car, you will need to work very hard at it. Check out the following 5 quick tips and enjoy your new car:

  1. Find Car Winning Contests – since winning any prize will not do in this case, you will need to find those contests that offer a car as a prize. Set a Google alert for “win a car” competitions/ contests/ sweepstakes and make sure you enter as many as possible every day.
  2. Enter As Many Times As You Can - To have Lady Luck smile down to you, you need to show her you are serious; by entering as many such contests as you can every day, day after day. If the contest allows you to enter multiple times, enter as many times as possible; with every entry you would be raising your chances to win. Also, you need to find and enter as many contests that offer a car as a prize. Increase your odds by entering as often as you can as many times as you can.
  3. Read The Fine Print Carefully And Follow Instructions – each contest comes with some or other instructions. Read carefully and follow the instructions before you enter. Maintain a worksheet where you enter all details of the contests you enter. Always remember the deadlines – for entering and for checking the results. Often the sites send congratulatory emails; but it is always good to check on the site as well.
  4. Look for Instant Win Games – scratch cards and instant win games (IWG) are among the most exciting; especially when they are free. Enter as many as you can to maximize your chances to win. There are scratch card games at opening of new showrooms, shopping malls, etc. Use those too; especially if the first prize is a brand new car.
  5. Lottery Is Good, Too – with lotteries you mostly get cash – but there is nothing wrong with getting cash. You can always use the cash to buy yourself a car. However, aim at free lotteries or those which charge the least and allow you multiple draws for your numbers. Always look for ways to play for free. Lottery and all other contests are good as well because you could sell the prizes and you could buy your car with that money as well.

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