How To Win A Burger And Fries Eating Contest – 4 Priceless Tips

Posted on: 18th June 2014

Generally speaking, there is nothing “general” about an eating contest. Every type of food has its own strategy and if you are smart you will learn as much as possible about each type of food before venturing into the world of food contests. If you find and use the right strategy eating more becomes so much easier and winning the first prize a realty. Here are a tips that will help you when the contest is about eating burgers.

  1. Burger And Fries Eating ContestHave The Order Of The Food Right - to be able to eat most and fastest you need to know what the right order is. In this case it is protein first, starch second and carbohydrates last. Hence, you eat the meat first, then the veggies and last the fries. Stick to this order always because it would make it easier for you to get it all inside, in the shortest possible time.
  1. Order A Winning Burger – if you have a choice, choose the type of burger you love – medium, rare, or well cooked. It is always easier to eat something you like, than what you do not like. However, if your focus in solely on the winning and the contest allows you to choose your burger, choose medium-rare because the juicy meat will be easier to eat.

Also have the bun buttered as it tastes better and hence, it is easier to eat. It is also a good idea to toast it. Eat the bottom half of the bread first because the longer you wait the worse it will taste as it would have soaked all the juices.

  1. Use Aids To Make It Easier To Eat – cold chips taste horrible, but not if you add a little ketchup it is much easier – and tastier – to finish the meal. You can also have some lemonade ready to sip whenever the going gets tough. Lemonade is always better than water because it changes the taste in your mouth, and it gets your mind off the stale taste of cold fries. This is very important at the time, because when you are eating the fries you would be full and whatever remained on your plate would taste terrible.
  1. Eat As Quickly As You Can – you got about 20 minutes before your body screams “enough”. You have to eat fast so you can down the maximum food in the first 20 minutes. Once your body has reached its threshold and tell you it is full, it will be increasingly difficult to eat, especially food that has gone cold and tough.

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