How To Wear Your Perfume – Top Tips To Make It Last Longest

Posted on: 19th February 2014

You bought your favorite perfume and you want it wear the smell for the longest time possible without having to touch up. Here what you should do:

  1. Best Places to apply perfume – apply it to the pulse points to hold onto the fragrance the whole day. Also apply behind the ears, to the hair from underneath, cleavage, base of the throat and inner elbows among others. All these places will have your favorite fragrance linger on your body from morning to night.
  2. How To Apply Perfume To Last Longest – it is definitely NOT enough to know where to apply unless you know how to apply.
  • Just spray it on – most people tend to rub it in. Don’t; instead, just spray or apply it delicately to your pulse points on the skin and let it dry. The perfume will last much longer this way.
  • Apply To Hair Only After A Bath – apply to hair only if it is squeaky clean;  or the natural oil in your hair will create a deviation from the smell you love.
  • Apply To The Skin Instead Of Clothes – perfume will mix with the skin oils and create a distinct smell. This smell will last the whole day without the need for retouch. However, for best effect, you will need to apply perfume immediately after you dry up after a bath. The combination of the perfume and your body’s oils will make the fragrance unique and also ensure that it will last the longest possible.
  • Moisturizer Will Make The Fragrance Last Longer – if you have dry skin you will find that your perfume never lasts as long as you want it. You can change that. Apply a good odorless moisturizer first. When your skin is soft and supple owing to moisture lent by the moisturizing lotion, apply your perfume. This will last much longer than when you apply on dry skin. You can also use petroleum jelly if you do not have or do not want to use the moisturizer.
  • Apply To Clothes You Wear Inside – Bedouins wear layers of clothes because they know that this would ensure that they retain body’s moisture for longer periods even when they walk in the scorching sun across deserts.  Using the same principle, apply perfume on clothes that you are wearing close to your skin – such as undergarments. This will release the scent in small measures throughout the day. It will further help if you use body lotions that are of the same brand and same fragrance.

With a little care and ingenuity, you will be able to master the way of wearing your favorite perfume to ensure that the smell will last in the same intensity from morning to night.

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