How to Track a Lost or Stolen iPhone?

Posted on: 30th July 2013

Losing your iPhone, the holder of all your contact information, your collection of apps and games, pictures, and so much more, can be a terribly frustrating experience. Before you give up hope however, there are some methods that may help you recover your lost iPhone.

If you signed up for Apple’s free Find My iPhone service before losing your iPhone, it can help you locate your phone. When you need to track your phone, log on at, and it will help you locate it. However, this requires the lost phone be turned on and have an active internet connection. If your phone is off, the map application on will show you its last location before it was disconnected from the internet. When it is reactivated, its latest location will be updated.Track a Lost or Stolen iPhone

If the app is able to locate your phone, a small blue dot will be shown on the map, pinpointing where your phone is physically located. You can then zoom in or out to get a better idea of its general or specific location. If the phone is on the move, you can click the refresh button to get an updated location of your phone.

Once you have located your iPhone, you have a few options. You could have a text message displayed on the screen (this can be instructions on how to return it), or you could have it play a sound so that you may locate it. This is useful if you lost it around the house or in a general location that you suspect your iPhone may be. Alternatively, you can put a lock your iPhone, preventing others from using it. You can set a password as well, even if you did not have one before. As a last resort, you can also wipe all information from your device to prevent others from accessing any sensitive information that you may have stored on your phone. To do that, click the “wipe” button.

Learning how to track a lost iPhone is not difficult thanks to Apple’s free Find My iPhone service. In the end, it may very well save you from a lot of grief as well as save you money.

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