How to Save Money on Laundry Detergent Without Making Your Own Recipe

Posted on: 23rd September 2013


If you’re like most family, the great laundry detergent dilemma has been hounding you for most of your life.


Even if you have your finances under control, you are constantly looking for a way to save money around the house, even if it means spending less on detergent.


First, you have to understand that it isn’t the laundry detergent that people need to save on but the amount of laundry they are doing. It seems as if people’s laundry has turned into some kind of monster that is taking over their homes. It’s everywhere – piles of it on the floor, chairs, tables, and beds. Almost every horizontal surface in the house is covered with laundry — dirty laundry, clean laundry and folded laundry.

Saving Money on Laundry

This article is not a guide on how you can do your own laundry detergent recipe – because honestly, some of us really don’t have to time or creativity or energy to do that. But by cutting back on the amount of laundry you do, you can save quite a bit on detergent, dryer sheets, fabric softener and hot water.


  1. Wear the same pair of pajamas or nightgowns for several nights. Who doesn’t take a night bath anyway? So how dirty could those pajamas and nightgowns get while you are sleeping on a clean body? Most people don’t change their sheets more than once a week. What is the difference between sleeping on the same sheets and sleeping in the same pajamas?
  2. Use the same towel more than once. Assign each person his or her own towel to use a minimum of two to three times instead of just once. In the case of young children let them use the same towel. Up to a certain age most people toss their little ones all in the bath together so if they can share the same bath water they can share the same towel.
  3. Hang your clothes up again. If you just used it to go to church for a short while, it doesn’t have to go straight to the hamper. Use it again when you have another place to go to.
  4. If it doesn’t stink, don’t wash it yet. This is especially true for jeans and coats which you can use for an entire week.
  5. Be proactive. Instead of thinking how unnecessary it is to put clothes away neatly instead of just throwing them on the floor in a heap, change your attitude and do something about it. Fold them so you can use for another time or hang them so you don’t have to iron it all over again.


Of course, you can just join every other homemaker on the web these days, going crazy about the best laundry formula that replaced their supermarket detergent. There are just a few ingredients to buy and it is really a cost effective way to save money in the long run. Plus, you control the level of chemicals that you soak your clothes into.

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