How To Save Money On Home Décor or Just Win a Home Makeover! (Part 2)

Posted on: 16th July 2013

If you allow home improvement projects to be difficult and expensive, they will be. Having the right information can go a long way towards making your life a lot easier. The following article is a continuation on how to save money on your home decor.

  1. Shelves

Lack of order and neatness can quickly tarnish the reputation of any beautifully decorated room. In a busy household, storage space is a must since it is cheap to install and reduces the chaos. Most people do not return items to their rightful place, even more so when the item is buried under a heap of mismatched objects. Without a place for each, items soon vanish and endless searches made hunting it down when needed. A place to put things helps keep sanity in the home. Lots of simple shelving, a bookcase or two and chests with lids go a far way in bringing calm to the environment.

From a practical point, consider glass fronted cabinets if your family has a large collection of ceramic frogs or delicate figurines. It cuts down on the dusting, displays all that is important to you and if you buy ready-to-assemble units you can keep costs down.

Build shelves across a wall and incorporate th
e windows into the design if you have a great deal of books. Visual pleasure is attained by the mix of different sizes and the attention will be drawn to the wall and views through the glass panes. Painting the shelves the same colour as the walls can make them recede while emphasizing the decoration of the books. Shelving can also be built around doors and in awkward spots. Incorporate space for displaying a few treasured possessions. Bulky vases, that enormous hat you bought the last time you went to Lesotho, all can find a home between novels and magazines.

  1. Storage and Side Tables

In the lounge or living room, storage chests can double as side tables. If the chests are padded, place a large ceramic or cork tile on top to serve as a stable surface for your cup of tea, glass of wine or juice. The wet marks are easily wiped from the tile and the price of a tile is a tenth of purchasing side-tables.

  1. Seating

Buy plain, sturdy wooden chests with lids for a cheap solution. Paint to suit the room. Add thick removable cushions. Extra dense foam will cope with the occasional visitor as well as providing them with a comfortable seat. Plan around how you actually live. If you have lots of elderly aunts and cousins to tea then proper chairs will be used for them while you use the chests. If it’s a younger set, lounging around on your living room floor on a throw down pillow will be quite acceptable.

  1. Screens and Room Dividers

Various screens and dividers can help in compartmenting off areas in a big room. Lightweight dividers with a slatted or meshed effect are highly recommended to keep air flowing while adding style and privacy.. If the light is good enough, potted indoor palms help the screening effect and soften hard edges.

Screens are underutilized in the modern home and often a long uninteresting room can be made more secret and intriguing by stopping the eye from easily seeing the other end. For very little money you can customize your screen through painting, stencilling or just hanging bits of your favourite memorabilia from it. Choose a screen with a sturdy base that can take on any odd collision if you have boisterous children and/or active pets.Save Money Win Home Makeover

  1. Indoor Plants

In your quest to improve your interior environment, house plants pull double – or even triple – duty. First, they bring a soothing, natural atmosphere into a room. Second, many kinds of house plants actually help cleanse the air of harmful indoor pollutants such as benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene, the dominant pollutants in newer homes and office buildings. Third, potted plants like herbs and aloe vera provide fresh ingredients for cooking (the herbs) and healing (aloe vera is often used to soothe burns and bug bites).

Visit your local nursery and pick out a few plants that suit your home. Make sure you check on the kind of care your plants will need — how much sunlight they’ll need, how often they’ll need water, and so on. Don’t neglect the little guys!

These can be used everywhere, require minimal outlay, can be layered, stacked or grouped and provide texture and visual appeal until such time as real furniture is affordable.

By using cheaper decorating options, you won’t be fraught with money problems. Just enjoy the spaciousness and emptiness of the home rather than tearing off to the shops and snapping up everything your eyes fall upon.  Discipline yourself to save up towards a time when you can install your dream home makeover. There is no need to sacrifice style when there is a restrictive budget but patience is required when you wish to end up with fine things.

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