How To Save Money On Home Décor or Just Win a Home Makeover! (Part 1)

Posted on: 16th July 2013

After a lot of scrimping and saving, now you are finally able to afford to buy a bigger or better place. But the last thing you want to do is ramp up your debt on fitting her out. Though beautiful bare walls and nothing much else may appeal to those with minimalist inclinations, after a while it will shortly send any one else into fits of depression. Preferable to that is using your pennies wisely and being price-smart over purchases.

1.      Windows

Windows take up a good deal of wall space. They can be transformed into ethereal lightscapes by using either sheers or semi-transparent drapes. It is now easier and cheaper to illuminate a room while maintaining privacy just with the use of some pretty fabrics that won’t break the bank. Plain sheers will break up and diffuse light while patterned ones make pretty dapples. You can now have more money to allocate on tails, frills, valances and swags and other stuff to enhance your sheers or drapes.

Use sheers made from silk to get shine into your home. You can also use organdie, diaphanous synthetics or plain cotton. Textured sheers in cheesecloth, gauze, voile and muslin bring in some busyness (necessary where you’re trying to dress up a bare room) and are more dramatic with the small shadowing they create. Once a window is dressed in sheers or drapes –  a billowing, gossamer effect is created when the wind moves which adds to the sense of satisfaction that a room now has life in it.

2.      Furniture

An economical way to decorate your home for less is second hand furniture. If you know your budget will be stretched for a fairly lengthy time into the future, second hand is a way forward to fill out the empty but necessary spaces in your abode. Steer clear of those establishments which are obvious junk shops and concentrate on places whose owners have given a little thought to their wares. Check for quality. Beware of couches and chairs where you can feel the frame through the fabric. If you sit and your legs or arms connect with timber this is a sign of bad manufacture – something you’ll seldom find in well-crafted makes.

More and more popular, throwing a length of fabric over your existing pieces is an instant way to change mood and ambience of a room. When buying used furniture, the throw is an inexpensive way to hide faults until they can be dealt with at a later stage.

Sometimes, there are well made furniture that has become tatty and torn or that the filling has lost its plumpness through years of use but can just need a sprucing up. When you have the resources you’ll be able to do a proper reupholstering job but for now, a throw covering a grand, though tired old lady, will serve you, and your money, well.

3.      Chair Rails and Mouldings

This is one of the cheapest ways to add style and detail to a boring room. A host of dado mouldings are available on the market and are quite easily fixed to the wall. The dado rail, usually positioned about a third of the way up the wall, was originally used to show a break between two types of wall fabrics and to keep chair backs from scraping the fabrics and damaging them. From a simple plain design to one filled with flourishes and curlicues, dados, once painted have a remarkably decorative effect.

It is best to stay with an unfussy rail if the room is small. Dados will assist in widening a room by directing the eye downwards so that walls seem more apart than they are. A large baronial-type room can support excess so decorate accordingly. In some houses the walls are tall enough to add extra decoration to the standard cornices. These mouldings can then be painted in a contrasting, or complementary colour.

4.      Paint

Versatile, cheap and with selective use paint can fool the eye. Rooms with a low ceiling usually feel claustrophobic. By playing with optical illusions a room can be made more spacious. Using vertical stripes draws the eye up and down and fools us into believing the ceiling is higher than it is.

Depending on the proportions of the room, it is best to stick to soft contrasting colours or go easy on the stripes. Bold stripes can be used if you are sure of your colour sense but be careful to not end up with a room that looks like the inside of a circus tent. Before painting carefully mark off the stripes and take care around windows and doors.Save Money Win a Home Makeover

5.      Colour

The colour wheel is an integral part of coordinating hues, tones and tints. Once you are confident about colour, you’ll find painting a bathroom in dark green, or a wall of a study in midnight blue, less intimidating. Buttercup yellow is a shamelessly delicious colour that uplifts and punches you in the eye the minute you see it. No-one can remain gloomy for long in a buttery yellow room, yet almost no-one dares use it in their home. The average person instantly labels those ‘arty’ or ‘bohemian’ who actually put yellow on the wall.

Strawberry red, toned with complementary or contrasting colours from the colour wheel will provide a visually pleasing room in which the strong colour will take centre stage. Adding plainer, coordinating furniture can come later as the boldness of the room will carry it through sparse times.

Then again, while these are great ideas on how you can save money on your much-needed and long-awaited home renovation, why not join this competitions.

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