How to Save for a Dream Vacation

Posted on: 9th March 2014

Everyone has their own dream of having that one thing they have always wanted. For some, it can be that perfect piece of diamond jewellery, for some a brand new luxurious car, and for some a perfect vacation to that peaceful island with sandy beaches and sunny afternoons. Whatever dream you have, your current financial position should not come as a hurdle for you in achieving that. If you dream of having a memorable once in a lifetime holiday, and feel dispirited because you think you can never afford it, here are a few tips on how you can save well enough to be finally able to enjoy your lifetime dream of a perfect holiday.

Keep a Record of your Expenditure

Make a monthly spread sheet on Excel that records your daily expenditures. Whatever you spend on whole day, whether on household grocery items, personal shopping, kids’ education, home maintenance, etc., write it down on the spread sheet at the end of the day. This will allow you to have a glance at the end of the month at your expenses and try to find out areas where you can cut down on your costs, in order to save a little every month for your vacation plan.

Start Right Away

Once you decide to save, do it now. Do not wait till you are done with your baby’s first birthday or until the Christmas season is gone. This is the best way of being able to manage how to save, despite your current compelling need to spend. Putting things off until tomorrow is a habit that is hard to overcome, but once you learn it, in no time you will realize how much you have started loving doing things right at the moment.

Find out all about your Dream Destination

Don’t just rely on saving money for your dream holiday destination and rather try to know all you can about how you can enjoy the perfect holiday with minimal expenses. Try to find out the best deals available, perhaps off-season deals, to add to your advantage. Compare different hotel rates and find out the optimum solution for yourself and family.

Deal Smartly with Extra Costs

Instead of taking a direct flight, you could perhaps save a little by opting for a connecting flight? Not only that, you can rent a car instead of taking the airport transport service? Eat out at restaurants where your meal can be split. Avoid restaurants that provide single servings.

Before you think that you have saved enough to spend on your vacation, save a little more than that for unanticipated costs. Call it, the emergency fund and keep it away, as an extra resource.

Stay Focused

Maybe people will try to mislead you from spending on a particular destination of your choice; don’t think too much about what they say. Keep up with your positive energy and stay consistent in achieving your goal. Following the above tips may not only help you in saving money, they may also help you in staying productive at work, managing a better routine, and organizing yourself. Save little, but keep on saving. Do not stop, do not give up. And sooner or later you will be enjoying your perfect dream vacation with your family.

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