How to Run an Online Contest

Posted on: 7th July 2014

The internet has opened up a lot of welcome possibilities and opportunities that are just starting to be tapped by many businesses. They have begun to try the latest exciting development that has benefited those that are willing to be a part of a new and fun way of promoting different products and services online. There all kinds of different ways to promote or bring attention to companies and products or reach out to many people using the internet like social media, blogs, online ads and online competitions. They are all designed to increase sales by reaching out to as many people as possible, introducing to and letting people know how great the product is and eventually gaining loyalty to the brand.

Run an Online ContestIf you are a company or manufacturer and planning to promote your products and services online or you want to start promoting and marketing stuff in the internet, it is a wise idea that you first learn the ins and outs of the business of online competitions.

•           You must first know all the laws, rules and regulations, know them by heart and you must also keep in mind that there are different regulations in different territories. It is better if you consult legal counsels in your planning stage and ask them to explain things especially if you do not understand something, to avoid costly misunderstanding later with customers and government regulators. Always obey and follow the rules and never entertain the idea of circumventing the laws to make an extra buck. The rules are not only designed to protect the consumers but also they are there to protect you from yourself.

•           The type of competition you can use depends on your goals, the target audience and the product you are going to promote. Careful planning and proper strategy should always be matched with a well thought-out promotional campaign.

•           Setting your goals prepares the parameters that help you make the needed adjustments as your competition progresses, and helps you attend to your followers/audience and to help you reach your main objective.

•           Choosing your prize. Big cash prizes and high valued items usually attract a huge number of entries. But if you are a manufacturer or somebody that wants to introduce and promote a product, success of your competition is not only measured by the large number of people that participated but by increased interest and increased sales of the product. Many participants join competitions just because they are only interested in the cash and valuable prizes that are offered in the competition but they do not have any interest whatsoever at all in the product nor have any intention of buying it.

•           This why it is always important to consider your target audience,  once you did that you will be able to design and develop the right type of competition to promote and maximize your activities to reach your goal.

•           Multi channel promotional campaign is always the best way to attract and direct attention of the people to your competition, to your products and eventually to increase your sales and profits. Make sure that enthusiasm to a properly laid out plan provides equal attention and concentration and not half hearted attempts that wanes once competition has started.

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