How To Run A Successfull Facebook Giveaway?

Posted on: 23rd July 2013

Nowadays, everyone seems to be giving away something from iPads to boots on Facebook. These giveaways are very popular and page owners use these competitions on Facebook to boost “Likes” of their page, and the savvy owners collect consumer data. Fans share the page, and this generates new fans. In short, Facebook competitions are social promotion of your business that gives excellent results. Here are the top 5 ways to run a successful Facebook giveaway:

Facebook Giveaways1. Shorter is Better – All giveaway forms should be short so that the entrant should be able to complete it. Longer forms discourage entrants from participating, and they shy away from filling up and submitting the forms. Keep the form short and use Facebook promotion widgets for creating new entry steps. Be flexible and ensure that the form is simple and short.

2. Clear Call to Action – The contest entry key is your business page’s landing page. Unless there is a clear call to action, you cannot have a significant conversion. Clear all clutter from tabs and have the CTA in large font that is immediately noticeable. The entrant should notice it immediately and fill up the entry form.

3. Design the Right Giveaway – There are four types of Facebook competitions – video, photo, essay contests, and sweepstakes. Photo, essay competitions, and videos provide plenty of content for your Facebook page but the entrant will have to put in a lot of effort to enter into it. Sweepstakes are easy and more popular. You can experiment with various Facebook competition ideas and see what works best.

4. Customize App Permission Images – If you are using a promo widget and when the user clicks on it, a permission window will open that will ask if the user is willing to let the widget access his or her profile. This is how data is collected. Customize the permission images and connect it to your website or page.

In addition to this, you can also have a download widget that will contain the terms and conditions of the Facebook giveaway. This is necessary but adding it at the end of the contest will make it look crowded. Add a download widget so that it opens in a new window. These tips should make your potential customer’s giveaway experience successful.

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