How To Run A Successful Blog Giveaways?

Posted on: 21st July 2013

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Everyone does! And giveaways are a wonderful way to surprise your blog readers and a great way to promote your blog as well. They are also a good way to create a solid foundation with brands and businesses.

Running free blog giveaways can be taxing on both one’s time and energy, but thankfully, with the right tips, tricks and propaganda, it can turn out to be a successful venture indeed. With the rise of social media, one can easily research giveaway ideas, thus helping them to form long-term relationships with brands and services; because not only is it a great way to be noticed by consumers, but by regular contests and free giveaway, the website traffic increases manifold and creates an exciting buzz about the product, brand, or service. Everyone is online these days; of course, what better way to market a product, set sail a trending pattern, get everyone talking?Blog Giveaways

Planning a successful blog giveaway is your next step. You must first ask yourself, why you want to do this? Is it just to get brand attention, or do you intend for it to make your blog talk of the town as well. Many bloggers make it difficult to win freebies with their contents and entries; of course, you may do that since it’s your blog. But remember that too much complexity drives people away. Also, one must make sure to plan events carefully; brands will turn away if the event is run too recklessly. Yes, you might not always want to promote a brand that pitches at you; rather than ignoring them, it is prudent to politely turn them down. One huge turn-off for readers and brands alike is spam. Do not spam your giveaway, no one quite appreciates it. A simple banner ad or a post announcing the event will be good enough. Make sure you mention all the terms and conditions clearly, when and how you will choose the winner, when they must claim their prize and always keep a plan B in the works, in case your original winner doesn’t respond within the stipulated time period.

It’s quite simple really, to run a blog giveaway, once you are clear in your mind about how to go about it. So get on blogging!

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