How to Print from an iPad?

Posted on: 9th August 2013

The sales of iPads are ever increasing. iPads are used by everyday people, schools, and businesses are utilizing them in many ways. As they become more popular for everyone, the need to print from them is growing. Printing documents and photos can be done easily with just a few steps.

Native printing from iPad:How to Print from an iPad

Printing Using iPadFor iOS version 4.2, native printing capability is included in iPad’s features. It requires a wireless printer, and the user can control only the number of copies printed. This makes printing emails, photos, and other pre formatted documents easy.

Before you start locate the arrow button, you will find it in most popular apps. In the next menu you will choose the print option. Then follow these “how to print from an iPad” steps:

1. Tap the “select printer” menu selection. The options menu will appear. The iPad will now search for available wireless printers. Locate your computer and tap to select.
2. Tap “Printer Options” to go back to the options. Select the number of copies you would like using the + or – keys.
3. Tap on the word “print” and you are finished.

Printing with other third-party apps:

The printing process can be different in other apps you may have on your iPad. Print and sharing options may be included with many apps for iPad.
As an example, PrintCentral has a browser to choose files, and email feature, and print to any computer in your wireless network.

Note: before use, download and install WePrint to your PC. And follow the directions to obtain your server address. To begin, tap PrintCentral to open the application.
1. Next tap “getting started” to perform printer setup tests. From there, tap the “Print” icon located top right. You will see the print dialog.
2. Tap “Choose” and enter the server address from WePrint. Select the printer. Tap print, print test documents.
3. If all tests well, a print option will be added to application sharing features. Simply click a sharing feature and tap print. As app instructions may vary, follow any other steps given.

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