How to Organise Competitions for Kids

Posted on: 6th May 2013
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Whether you’re throwing a children’s party or hosting a large scale event for kids, you’re going to need some entertainment. Children love running around and showing off in front of their friends and family, but they can also become quite competitive too. If you don’t channel that energy into kids games and activities, you’re going to find yourself overrun by hyperactive little tykes.

Thankfully it’s not too difficult to organise free kids competitions. All the games for kids should be simple and fun for everyone involved, and our tips should help you organise a contest to remember.

Stock up on small prizes

There are lots of popular party games for kids that are cheap and easy to copy at home. If there’s a prize at the end, then there’s more incentive for the children to join in instead of running off to do their own thing. Kid’s competitions for parties are a great way to get everyone involved in the fun, even if the prize is just a small bag of sweets or a cheap toy. It’s up to you whether you give out runner’s up prizes, or simply hand out a big prize to the overall winner.

Work around the theme of your party

Sticking to the theme of the party doesn’t have to mean straying too far from traditional kid’s party games. One example is throwing Disney competitions for kids, at a Disney themed party. You can play musical chairs to the soundtrack of your child’s favourite  Disney film. You could even incorporate some fancy dress competitions for kids into your party or event, asking the nippers to dress up like their favourite character before arriving.

Choose your party games wisely

Think about your audience. You might have heaps of great kid’s sports competition ideas, but if your child has no interest in sport they could end up having a bad time. Chilled out children may prefer art competitions, or colouring competitions, for a chance to show off their creative streak. The benefit of creative contests is that every child will have a souvenir to take home and show their parents, too.

A few competition ideas for kids

To get you started, here are a few of our favourite competition ideas.

  • Build a backyard obstacle course and hold your own Olympic Games
  • Split the kids into two teams and get each team to take turns to make the other team laugh. The team that manages to keep the straightest faces win
  • Have a treasure hunt, with lots of clues hidden around the garden. The first kid to reach the prize wins it
  • Put some silly clothes in a sack and pass it round the circle to some music. When the music stops, the kid holding the bag has to reach into the bag and put on whatever they pull out
  • This is a fun take on musical chairs. Write actions like “hop on your left foot” or “rub tummy and scratch head” on the bottom of some paper plates, and scatter them around the room. When the music stops the kids have to stand on a plate and perform the action underneath.
  • Sleeping lions is a great way to wind things down towards the end of the party. Get the kids to lie down in a big room and pretend to be asleep. The adult walks around the room trying to make the kids laugh: whenever a kid laughs, he or she is out (and gets to help the adult make the others giggle). The last lion left sleeping wins!

What are your favourite contests for kids to win prizes?

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