How To Make Lots Of Money With Entering Contests?

Posted on: 29th March 2014

If you search the Net you will find thousands of contests/ sweepstakes/ competitions/ lottery/ etc announcements that promise a wide variety of prizes.

These prizes could be in the range from a few hundred dollars to a small fortune. Some come in cash and some in kind. The question is, can anyone make lots of money out of this “hobby”? Can - over time -  your efforts result into neat sums of money, which you could use to fulfill your dreams?

The Answer Is A BIG YES

You can earn big time with entering contests/ sweepstakes/ competitions/ lottery/ etc and you do not need to be really lucky to win. What are needed here is time, patience, hard work and smart work. Check out the following few points that will bring in big money for you:


  1. Look for free contests/ sweepstakes/ competitions/ lottery/ etc – the point here is not to spend too much on this “hobby”. There are enough free opportunities, though you could enter paid ones (nominal) as well. Run search for “no purchase necessary”, “free contests”, “giveaways”, etc.
  1. Enter 30-50 Contests Per Day – aim at entering about 50 contests every day. If you can enter more, the better. Use an auto-filler so you could fill in your details as quickly as possible leaving your time free for working on the contest. You could also set up hot-keys on your computers to help you fill in name, address and other details.
  1. Look For Possibilities Offline As Well - Besides the Net, you need to look in magazines, fairs, malls grocery stores, etc. Be always on the lookout for contests you could enter, especially if they are for free. Watch out for radio – this is another avenue where you could get many openings.
  1. Look For Free Samples Of Various Products – there are innumerable companies which give away free samples. You could look for these, bundle them and sell them on eBay – if you do not need them. Otherwise, you could use them and save a carload of money.
  1. Go for Less Known Contests/ Sweepstakes – the more obscure, the more difficult these contests are, the less people would enter and hence, by default the better your chances would be. Look for these unique and little known contests and participate.

The key to winning is to raise the odds in your favor. To do so, you need to enter a huge number of contests every day. Fortunately, with the help of the computer you could automate many of the fill-in functions and speed up the process. You want to make lots of money with contests; you can - provided you can apply yourself to it for at least 3-4 hours every day.

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