How To Jailbreak An iPhone?

Posted on: 1st August 2013

When it comes to your Apple iPhone, you are pretty much locked in with what you have as Apple has a pretty strict hold over what goes onto the phone and what you are not allowed to do. However, in order to bypass this particular issue it is possible to jailbreak the iPhone. When you jailbreak the iPhone it basically removes the company production on it and it also allows you to take your cell phone from one carrier to another, if you ever decide to switch service providers. It is important, when thinking about how to jailbreak an iphone, is that you do have to re-jailbreak the phone every time you update the operating system, as the new OS puts the copy protection back on the phone.

Jailbreak iPhoneMake sure you backup the information on your iPhone before jail breaking it, because you are going to basically restore the OS without the protection on it, which you can't do if you don't back up the information.

Connect the iPhone to your computer then open the Internet browser and visit the website From here click the download link for the operating system you currently have, then slide the "slide to jailbreak" feature that appears on your iPhone. The jailbreak process is not going to begin automatically (it has changed drastically since the earlier versions of the iPhone when you actually had to download a large number of features in order to perform this given feature).

Once the jailbreak has finished make sure to avoid touching anything and allow the device to reboot. When it reboots you are going to find that it looks almost completely the same, although it has something called "Cydia" on it. This is basically a third party app store that gives you access to new information not located on the App Store. Select Cynthia and you can now look over all sorts of different Apps to download in order to change the look and feel of your iPhone into just about anything you desire. These are all features you wouldn't have found before on the iPhone.

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