How to Increase Votes on Your Facebook Competition Entries

Posted on: 2nd May 2013

Facebook VotesIf you’ve entered a Facebook competition, and your entry needs more votes to win, it can be tempting to try to game the system. Don’t cheat: we have several tips to get more Facebook votes!


Post a link to your Wall


Pop a link to the competition you have entered on your Facebook wall. Tag your very best friends in the post and ask them for their help. If your friends aren’t interested in competitions, then search for people using the Facebook ‘find friends’ function and only post your request to people who would be happy to help out- and won’t be annoyed by you tagging them!


Join groups that exchange Facebook votes


There are loads of groups on Facebook set up specifically for compers to ask other people to vote on their online competition entries. There’s a small catch: once you get your votes, you will have to return the favour by helping others in the group. Although Facebook has a decent search functionality, you can also use popular search engines like Google to find these groups.


Start up your own voting group using Facebook


If you don’t fancy joining someone else’s community and abiding by their rules, start your own personal voting group. It’s free and simple, and you can make your own rules allowing other people who share the same interests to find you. You can create the group with emphasis on your current competition, or bring all your competition friends together to create a support group.


Read the rules: don’t disqualify yourself by requesting others to vote for you.


Before you begin to request votes, remember that not all competitions allow you to solicit votes or take part in vote exchanges. Read the terms and conditions of each competition along with the rules to stop your entry being disqualified. There are some competitions with specific rules about which  people you can ask to vote on your behalf: for example, some competitions allow you to request votes from immediate friends on Facebook, but not from total strangers.

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