How to Have the Best Stay-cation this Season

Posted on: 18th January 2014

As the word implies, a stay-cation is a vacation spent at home or without leaving town. These days it is possible to have a relaxing and restorative vacation right at home because of the availability of resources as made possible by modern technology. Not only that but a stay-cation can lessen the stress traditionally experienced with a vacation as there is less planning and the expenses can be kept at a minimum. However, there are certain measures that must be taken to ensure that a stay-cation becomes a real vacation and to avoid the dangers of having it become an extension of work at home.

Tip #1 Make necessary arrangements ahead of time. Before the actual date, make sure to tie up any loose ends which could potentially interrupt your stay-cation. Find babysitters for the kids, set-up your email to have the automatic reply message, change your voicemail message to announce your getaway and roughly visualize the activities you want to do during your stay-cation. Bottom line, get ready to lose yourself in your vacation and prepare the world to handle it.

Tip #2 Master the art-of-doing nothing mode. This seems like a very cliché thing to do but it is easier said than done. In a world where doing nothing is equated to worthlessness, almost everyone cringe at the thought of actually doing nothing. But in order to stop and reboot, you have to be able to shut down even for the brief period of your stay-cation to maximize the benefit of a fresh start. Don’t overcrowd or let your stay-cation itinerary control you. It’s an open template and understand that there is beauty in simple staycation

Tip #3 Break the routine. This can be the next most difficult thing to commit yourself to during your stay-cation, getting out of your comfort zone, messing around with years and years of routine schedule performed almost unconsciously throughout the day. But once done, the actual liberation from the mundane agenda of your daily life is priceless. Once mastered, this ability to break the routine and bounce right back to it can be the key to a healthy lifestyle.

Tip #4 Try something new... as in something new. Perhaps enrol in a short term class on a hobby you have been shoving under the rug all these years. Or try out the latest trend in sports in your hometown. You don’t need to be athletic or artistic, just determined and open minded that whatever you will try is done for the sake of adventure and spontaneity, all for the love of the only person who cares about your total well-being and

Tip #5 Take more stay-cations. Millions of dollars are spent on medication to cure illnesses that could have been prevented to begin with if people just learn to wind down, relax and literally “stop and smell the roses”. So why not divert those hard earned money to rewarding yourself without medicating yourself? Take more stay-cations and look into the benefits of having tons of them. By staying at home for a sojourn, you not only gain a different perspective on your abode or hometown but also on yourself.

Indeed, once relaxed and invigorated by stay-cations, the world seem less troubled, work seems conquerable, familial bonds become stronger, creativity gets pumped up and our bodies are rejuvenated in ways even the strongest vitamins cannot deliver. And what better way is there to get away sans the traffic, crowd and expenses than staying at home or within the confines of your town? It’s a win-win situation discovered by modern times which you cannot simply overlook any longer.


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